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Age vs Performance

This is a website I created as a school assignment which tested our PHP skills. My objective was to make a web API. My web API showed my database in JSON or XML. The web API requires a unique API key, which is created during account creation.

The website has other functions available to administrators only. These functions can be used through the Flickr API and control panel, which allow for administrators to delete accounts, or download and upload the account database as a CSV file.

De Vries & Metman

This is a personal assignment I received. My job was to make a new website for a company called DVME (De Vries & Metman). Along with basic knowledge and skills of webdesign, I had to add the following:

Stratums Journal

This is a mobile-phone application our group made as a project for the townhall of Eindhoven. Our objective was to get more visitors to Stratumseind, an entertainment street in Eindhoven.

As a group we created a type of journal in which people could record what they had done that evening in Stratumseind. The journal can keep track of where your bike is parked, the route you had taken in the street, and photos you had taken that remember the building you took them in.

We tried to meet our objective by giving Stratumseind something unique and show (potential) visitors the variety of places the street had to offer.

My battery usage

This is an info graphic I created for my Data Visualization class. For this info graphic I used data from my own smartphone. I kept track of my battery usage by making screenshots of the overview each day. I did this for a week and then analyzed and processed the data for this info graphic.

Before the creation of this info graphic I did some research regarding info graphics because it was my first time creating one. In my opinion the best info graphics had little text and lots of images. I created this info graphic with that in mind.

DVME - Top-ranked firm

Age vs Performance

My battery usage